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Fallingwater, pt. 3…


So, three days and six batches of gingerbread dough later, we have:

I think it looks good considering this is the first gingerbread house my team and I have ever made! We’re going to decorate the hell out of it tomorrow, but I think it looks more like the real thing right now. I’ll take a photo of it with all the candy on it, but I liked it this way, too and thought I’d share – especially because who knows how sturdy it actually is… ;)


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Nom, nom, nom!

In the midst of the gingerbread baking, I took a moment to make this lovely recipe from Smitten Kitchen – Pear Crisp with Vanilla Brown Butter. Fairly easy, very yummy. I don’t think my crisp turned out right – it was sandier than I was expecting, but still tasty – the next time I make this, I might try adding some more butter to give it a little more heft…

There was also a slight mishap during this recipe. When I went to drain the butter, I used the little orange sifter I always use when I’m baking at my parents’ house. It did not occur to me until it was too late that the mesh was made of plastic and probably not meant to withstand the heat of draining brown butter…

RIP little orange sifter, you served me well.

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