Fallingwater, pt. 3…


So, three days and six batches of gingerbread dough later, we have:

I think it looks good considering this is the first gingerbread house my team and I have ever made! We’re going to decorate the hell out of it tomorrow, but I think it looks more like the real thing right now. I’ll take a photo of it with all the candy on it, but I liked it this way, too and thought I’d share – especially because who knows how sturdy it actually is… ;)

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17 responses to “Fallingwater, pt. 3…

  1. you are an amazing domestic goddess. if i did this by architect boyfriend would have absolutely flipped out…

    fantastic. i am standing up and loudly applauding while whistling.

  2. I assume you saw the gingerbread competition on the food channel last week? Someone made Fallingwater out of gingerbread too! Maybe they’ll replay it.

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  4. Laura Anne

    I love it. My gingerbread houses have all been traditional. This gives me inspiration to look at them anew!

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  6. AWESOME! I love it, and am wildly impressed.

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  8. Janis

    Genius! Brilliant! I’m honored to know you!

  9. Claire


    My Dad and I were EXTREMELY impessed! And I don’t think extremely really has the complete weight of our impress-ness…

    You’re so totally cool.

    THanks for my Xmas gift, by the way, it arrived Christmas eve and I forgot to mention it in the txt I sent. Yours will be zooming it’s way across the Atlantic soon.


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  12. We are an interior design firm/furniture store in Vancouver BC. We are going to have a gingerbread making event in our store. We love your gingerbread Fallingwater! Would it be possible to use the picture on our eNews? (with credit to you of course, just give us your name)

  13. Edward M.

    Will you share your gingerbread recipe. I’m making a large house this year and need a recipe that yields sturdy gingerbread…Looks like it worked well. (thick walls)…thanks.

  14. Hahaa that’s so great! I’m going to attempt to make one of these for my family over the holidays, but there’s no way it’s going to look this nice. Thanks for posting! :)

  15. Laura Jordan

    Are you sharing or selling the floor plans somewhere? Please please?

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