Just watched Thirteen with my roommate and her friend, J. I’m glad I finally got to see it after hearing so much about it. It was very…je ne sais quoi.

May go see Eternal Sunshine Blah, Blah, Blah tomorrow. I’ve been meaning to see it for ages and everyone I know who has seen it keeps telling me I have to see it. And I should. So maybe I’ll do that tomoz. Apparently there’s a cinema around here that has 30 screens. 30! Amazing. So it shouldn’t be hard to find. Also, if Goodbye Lenin comes to where you are – go see it! I saw it this summer while I was in London and it’s very good.

Also just got digital camera (inherited from my parents who have gotten themselves a much better one), so maybe I’ll also try to post some pictures of my HP scarves and the bag that I made (so easy – if I had a sewing machine, I could knock these off in, like, an hour)!

Also have some pictures to hang. Although that may result in some serious injuries both to myself and to my walls. But we’ll see how it goes.

And finally, my second job interview at Borders is on Tuesday at 9am. Cross your fingers for me! I so want to work there. I think I would be very good at selling and organizing books. Since i have to get a job doing something.

not much to type, really, but i feel like posting…

So I’m almost done with my Slytherin scarf (yay!) and I went to Jo-Ann’s today to get fabric to make a bag to hold all my leftover HP yarn (because I eventually want to make matching hats for the scarves) and I found HP fabric! I’m so excited! Seriously.

Have an interview at Borders tomorrow at 11.45 am. Cross your fingers for me! I’d really like to work in a bookstore and I think I’d be good at it. (Plus I think there’s a chance that Borders might let me keep my nose-piercing as they seem to have a more relaxed dress code than B&N.) And, hello? Employee discount. So I really hope it goes well.


Ooooooooooooooh, my feet hurt! Went out for pens and ended up buying four t-shirts (including a Gryffindor one and a Slytherin one – how geeky am I?), a pair of jeans, two polo shirts, and three nose studs. What is wrong with me? And instead of wearing my ‘I’m a cool indie girl’ comfy converse, I wore my ‘I’m a sophisticated cosmopolitan woman’ stiletto boots and they ATE my feet! So now my feet hurt. Which I should be used to by now as my feet are often chewed to bits by my shoes, but it still hurts.

Also discovered that I will have to shop at Hot Topic far more frequently than I normally do as a lovely, cute boy works there. Mmm, cute boy…

Aw, movie…

*sigh* Just finished watching Amelie again and I now feel as though life is worth its scraped knees and heartaches because somewhere there is someone just as ever-so-slightly crazy as me and, as long as I’m patient and good, we will stumble across one another.

Best film ever.