Okay, so at least for now I’m not going to say anything about the HP movie other than OH MY GOD, BEST HARRY POTTER MOVIE EVER!!!111!!!!!

My Favorite Things About POA:

  1. Lupin’s little ‘hello’ to Neville during the DADA class.
  2. Ron’s spiders!nightmare and Harry’s ‘you tell those spiders, Ron.’
  3. Sirius and Lupin – it’s canon, yo.
  4. The little nosebleed that Harry gets casting his patronus.
  5. TWINS!!! Can’t get enough of the Gred and Feorge love.
  6. Dawn French as the Fat Lady – she rawks!
  7. Trelawney’s prophecy!voice – Dude, that was freaky deaky.
  8. Three words. Snape in drag.
  9. The Marauder’s Map – so great.
  10. Dementors – scary as hell.
  11. The Draco/Hermione smackdown – and we got to see it twice!
  12. Buckbeak – I want a hippogriff.
  13. ‘Professor Lupin’s having a rough night.’
  14. Omg, how could I forget?! Now, I’m not really much of a Snape fangirl, but protective!Snape? *drool*

Mixing drinks and fandoms…

Hello all! The reason for this post is that I am ever-so-slightly drunk (do not let the impeccable typing fool you – it is a gift) and I feel the need to update. So here is what’s happening:

1. Aragorn has agreed to go see HP with me Thursday at midnight – huzzah! I am making friends! Go me!

Um, and really, that’s it, but Hooray! Go me!