Writer’s block strikes again…


Translation: My writer’s block is eating my brain. Seriously. If I have to crack my skull open and dig out the words with a rusty spoon, so help me, I’m very close to doing it. and that, my friends is what


means. In other news, I am reading a very good book called I Capture the Castle by Dodie Smith. Apparently it’s being made into a movie, but I was unaware of this when I bought the book. I picked it up because in big letters across the front it said ‘JKRowling likes this book.’ Well, not really, it had a quote from her about how good the narrative voice was, but it was the same difference, really.

Also. I am now the proud owner and wearer of a nifty OOTP badge at work. I lurve it. It’s raining extraordinarily hard right now, so I should go around and close my windows.