Swish and flick!



Sorry it’s so blurry – it’s awfully hard to get a steady picture on my digital camera. Lame! But I think I make a pretty good Hermione. Also, you can’t see, but the inside of the lapels and the hood in the back are the same maroon as the tie.

Literary lovers…

You know what? Emerson used to go visit Thoreau at Walden Pond. Well, one winter, it was so cold that Emerson made little leather booties for Thoreau’s…wait for it…CHICKENS! Isn’t that just darling? I can totally see Emerson sewing up little chicken booties so that their feet won’t freeze in the snow. Makes me wonder…Emerson HAD to have been crushing on Thoreau.

Thoreau: …You made booties?
Emerson: *nods*
Thoreau: …for the chickens?
Emerson: *is obvious in his love for Thoreau*
Thoreau: I must have you now.
Emerson: *glee*

Because Self-Reliance is overrated.


So I have a superstitious writer’s dilemma. I have signed up, I even this very evening got an idea and two sentences to be used within the piece, but not necessarily in conjunction with one another:

1. The genius is never the one who tells the story; that always gets left up to the sidekick. Which I guess is why I’m the one writing this.


2. It all began the night the kettle broke.

Because, dudes, my kettle just broke. It is cold, I have been drinking tea all evening because I finally located my favourite ever, ever, ever tea sold all by itself in a big box from Whole Foods and NOW I CANNOT DRINK IT! Until tomorrow when I buy a new kettle. BUT STILL!

Oh, right. The dilemma. I do not know if I can successfully sustain two writing projects at once. And I didn’t really want my NANOWRIMO to be an idea that I truly cared about. I wanted it to be just something that I could knock off as an exercise in writing and organization, not something that I want to spend time making sure the story’s told just right and that the characters are who they are in my head. Because if that happens a) I will never be able to write 50,000 words in a month and b) I am afraid of Mary being left behind and I really like her and I want to see how her story ends. And this idea that I just got this evening? It’s something I’ve totally been pondering in the back of my mind for about a year now, but only just now got the ‘hook’ for it.

So should I:

A. Maybe postpone NANOWRIMO until next year when I’m hopefully not in the middle of a project that I feel is going pretty well.
B. Stop being a superstitious baby and write the story idea that I got this evening.
C. Stop being a superstitious baby and come up with a different, knock-off story idea.

What’s the number for 911?

My roommate often has dreams where she can’t dial 9-1-1. Not that she can’t get to a phone or doesn’t have one, but that she can only dial 9-22 or something like that. Well, it must be catching because I just remembered that last night I had a dream where I needed to dial 9-1-1, but could only dial 9-9-1 and couldn’t figure out why I wasn’t getting the police, but a slower, stupider version of police instead. *shudders*

Off to clean up the kitchen.

Hermione hat at last!

My new shoes – aren’t they pretty? The question is, though, do I have the world’s largest feet or the world’s tiniest cat? 

biggest shoe or smallest cat

 My Hermione hat!
hermione hat
This was my first experience with cables – it’s really fun! I had to start it over twice, but finally I did it right!

The fine art of procrastination

So I sat myself down to be productive and get some writing done – Mary has been nagging me to get her and Arthur going. She gets bored so easily. Anyways, I sat myself down to write and then decided I should bake a cake. From scratch. So I did. It came out all right, it’s a little bit dry. Any tips? Anyone?

And then I decided to organize my MST3K videotapes which, previously, were strewn all over the living room floor.

Then I cleaned the toilet.

And the sink.

And then the mirror because I couldn’t very well clean the toilet and the sink and not do the mirror, as well.

Then I updated my blog telling you all about how I was procrastinating writing.

And now I will go and write.

Or maybe knit. We’ll see.