Oh. My. Fucking. God.

Translation: Arrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrgh!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1111!!!ohmygodgrrrrrrrrr!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!111

Translation #2: I am knitting this really cool scarf with a heart pattern in this beautiful pink yarn and I was just to a quarter finished and I MESSED UP. I attempted to salvage, alas, to no avail and ended up unraveling it all. FUCK!

So. Now I’m going to put on my headphones, crank up my iPod and ATTEMPT to get some writing done. Because the knitting gods are obviously pissed at me. So hopefully that means the muse gods will be more lenient. They better fucking well be or I’ll show THEM who’s boss. *nods*


My teeth!

So last night I totally had a nightmare in which my teeth were loose and I was terrified that they were going to fall out. Note: This was not just a bad dream, this really was a borderline NIGHTMARE, in that I woke up checking my teeth with my tongue and feeling not at all rested! And this is a recurring theme, I’ve noticed.

So what are your weird dreams?

In which I avoid domesticity.

So, it appears that I have some sort of subconscious mental block about attending my friends’ weddings. I present…examples:

Wedding of high school friend #1 – I’m in London
Wedding of high school friend #2 – London again
Wedding of childhood friend #1 – in California while wedding is in Ohio
Wedding of two friends from work – I go out and buy their present and a pretty outfit to wear just for this occasion. Then I show up at 1.45 for a 2 o’clock wedding…which was actually at noon. No, really, I honestly believed that the wedding was at two. Was convinced I was early.

Democracy doesn’t work!

So before I say this and get yelled at to death, let me just emphasise that, yes, I am going to vote tomorrow. BUT, let me just add that:


Politics make me entirely too cynical and I’m afraid I’ll show up at the polls and announce that I am a conscientious objector to democracy because IT DOESN’T WORK. I mean, why vote? The only votes that matter are the ones cast by the electoral college and, as we all learned from the last election, they don’t really listen to us anyway, do they? Politics make me want to find a very small uncharted island and found a utopia based on…being nice to each other. Radical, I know, but there you have it.

So, unlike every other post, I am saying that I will vote, but grudgingly, to choose the lesser of two evils because, despite someone’s best intentions, there are some things that simply will not be allowed to change.

Note: I am not attempting to discourage people from voting. As I have said, I am planning on voting tomorrow. For Kerry (because he certainly can’t do any worse than Mr. Shrubbery and there’s always hope that he’ll surprise us all). I’m just venting some of my political frustrations. Don’t listen to me – I just had to get it down in words.

p.s. – One day into NANOWRIMO and I am already behind. Words thus far = 0.

/one and only political rant