A veritable cornucopia of finished projects!

Hello! I am your friendly neighbourhood knitting fiend!!!!!!!!!!!11!!!!omgmyfingerhurts!! I have decided (rather rashly, I feel) to knit all my holiday presents this year, so I hereby present…

a knitting extravaganza!

\Documents and Settings\Anne\My Documents\My Pictures\Photos\cayts scarf

It’s so soft – the yarn is 65% alpaca and the rest synthetic – it was really quite easy to work with, the pattern was just such that it was IMPOSSIBLE to backtrack once I made mistakes. I’m very proud of this one in particular – it’s going to be so hard to give it away!

\Documents and Settings\Anne\My Documents\My Pictures\Photos\dads hat

There are three stripes that twist around the hat – a variation on the Hermione hat pattern. I mostly wanted to experiment and see if I could manage intarsia knitting (where the different colours of yarn are carried along the whole way). The result…I can! It’s not as hard as I thought it would be, except for untangling the threads every day. I added the pom-pom because I know he’ll wear it because I made it and I wanted to make it as silly as possible. I think I’ve achieved just that.

\Documents and Settings\Anne\My Documents\My Pictures\Photos\grandmas hat

I like the style of this one very much – I may have to make one for myself. The pattern was for babies, so this was an experiment in sizing up something. I think it’d be probably a lot more difficult to do that for something more complicated, but it worked quite well here. This one knitted up so quickly, too – practically no time at all. The yarn’s really nice and soft, too and has a sort of sheen to it. very pretty. And sort of reminiscent of the 20s to me for some reason.

\Documents and Settings\Anne\My Documents\My Pictures\Photos\grandpas scarf

So this one, as the keen-eyed ones of you will notice, has stripes that include Gryffindor and Slytherin. This *gasp* is because I always overbuy on my yarn and have loads of red, gold, green, and silver laying around the house. The body of the scarf is navy blue – you can’t really tell that here. This scarf almost killed me – I thought it would never be finished! I prefer to knit in the round – there’s no wrong side, all the color change tails are on the inside and it’s double thick – my Hogwarts scarves are knitted this way, too. BUT it takes twice as long to do. And the pattern here was a bit of a bitch, as well. Theres actually a rather large hole in the end stripes on one side because it was the last few rows and I was too frustrated to undo it and redo it. Blah!

\Documents and Settings\Anne\My Documents\My Pictures\Photos\grandpas scarf detail

Here’s a detail picture. Again with the silly here – I added the pom-poms to the points at the end. I like pom-poms, but I hate making them. They take forever! Foooorrreeeever. /Sandlot.

I have so much Slytherin yarn left over that ‘m making a stripey hat for my secret holiday pal at work who happens to be a HP fan, as well. And I bought little wooden ‘s’s that I’ve painted silver and put pin backs onto so that I can pin them artfully around the hat when it’s done. So it’ll be ‘s’ for Slytherin, ‘s’ for the sound snakes make, and her name begins with ‘s’ as well, so it’s all very fitting. I’ll undoubtedly post pictures of that once it’s done, too. Am also working on a poncho for my mom which is rather an ugly monster (the poncho, not my mother), but I’ll finish it and tell her that I owe her something pretty since it’s rather horrid. Whew! Now off to bed. Eventually.

/ginormous post.

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