Le olde monstrosity…

Ding dong, le Monstrosity is dead finished! And so is my hissing Slytherin hat! Huzzah! *does the joyous ‘Xmas knitting is done’ dance*

So this project taught me my lesson about dye lots. As you can undoubtedly see, there are two different purples in the fun fur. So it’s basically a giant IOU to my mom – it became a personal challenge to finish the damn thing. I’m going to tell her I owe her something much nicer and all the same colour. Or at least purposefully different colours. But I don’t care because IT IS DONE!

p.s. – I am so talented – I can blink even when there’s no flash! I am back to my normal self in the next pic.

I like this one even if it gave me trouble, as well. Apparently, my purl stitch is MUCH looser than my knit stitch and therefore, I ended up with an elephantine hat the first time. It was honestly the hugest thing I’ve ever seen. Think dinosaurs were big? Well, they had nothing on this bloody hat. So I started over, minus 20 stitches…and it’s STILL on the big side. But I don’t really expect my friend to wear it as she already has a very cute cap that she wears, so I’ll tell her to use this as decoration somewhere. She likes HP and her initials are ‘S’, as well, so it seemed appropriate.

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