So on Monday, I went on what I think was a date with a guy from work. It went pretty well, I think, I mean, I had fun, but I’m so insecure about stuff like this that I always fret and examine every little detail. We’re doing something tomorrow, too, so we’ll see how it goes, BUT:

I am so neurotic and nervous that I’ve not been able to eat much since then and this morning I finally weighed myself because I was feeling extra thin. And with good reason – I have lost eight pounds since a few days before that Monday. and, while it’s nice to see 143 I’m six feet tall, if that helps with the perspective there) come up on the scale, it’s a little bit worrying. Hopefully this phase will pass and I can bring myself to eat again. The other worry is that we’re probably going to get something to eat tomorrow which means I’ll have to choke down food with the nervous-making person right in front of me. Woe.

God, I wish I was not quite so crazy.

False advertising = not cool, yo

Ok. So I applied for a job for which the advertisement read ‘transcriptionist.’ When I showed up and the woman started to describe the actual duties of the position, it became obvious very quickly that the word they’d meant to use was ‘receptionist.’ A receptionist at a medical clinic where they do MRIs and catscans and the like. So essentially it would be all my least favorite things about working at Borders, but without the books, the discount, my friends that I work with and with the added bonus of being around sick people all the time. Basically there’s not enough money in the world for me to take that job. When she’d finished describing it, she said ‘so what do you think’ and I said ‘I have to be honest with you, it’s just not something I’d be interested in. Thanks.’ But I refuse to feel guilty about it because it was blatant misadvertising AND when I sent in my resume, all I asked for was more information, not an interview or anything.

So then I drove back to Borders and bought a few things to cheer me up. Such happiness includes:

1. Ultimate Kylie. Omg, I love her and I am NOT ashamed. Okay, I’m SO ashamed, but I love her anyway.
2. Jem. I think I’ll really like this one. (And no, it’s not the pink-haired rockstar from the eighties.)
3. Flunk. Another one I think I’ll really like. Described as folk music with chilled-out beats. Whatever that means.
4. Orbital’s Blue Album. We had it on overhead play at minfo a while back and I really liked it. So I bought it because Borders is having a buy any 3 cds, get the 4th free! /shameless plug
5. The Princess Bride.
6. Airplane II: The Sequel. I wanted the first one, but we didn’t have it, so I bought the second one instead. It’s still funny, though.
7. The Writing Life by Annie Dillard
8. Bound To Please: An Extraordinary One-Volume Literary Education by Michael Dirda. Because I like books about books.

In which I am domestic.

I am now the proud owner of my very own Dyson vacuum cleaner. We are in love. In fact, I’ve decided that I am going to move to a little cottage in the country with just my curtain, my pink mixing machine, and my Dyson vacuum cleaner.

And Anne Hathaway. Because she’s just so cute and I love her. And as long as she just smiles at me all the time, life will be good.

And Josh Groban. Because he’s just so cute and I love him (but not his repertoire). and I will encourage him to leave the land of easy listening behind and use his vocal talents for good and not evil.

And the…*counts*…six of us will be very happy together for the rest of our lives.

The end.