My cat, Arthur, is being kept overnight at the vet for some tests. It may be lymphoma or it may not be. Hopefully he just has some sort of stomach bug. I know he’s just a cat, but he’s my pet and if anyone out there could just think good thoughts, just for a moment, well…

eta: He’s home now after four days of tests. he’s still very skinny, but he seems to be doing better – at least he’s keeping food down now. They’ve sent some blood work off to Texas for some more tests. Hopefully we’ll have the results back by the end of the week.

Almost done…

I am attempting to knit a tea cosy, but, alas, it is not going so well. I had it all the way through closing up the handle opening, but then I got a little confused in the pattern and ended up doing all these crazy decreases and, as I suck at backtracking, I had to rip it all out and start over. Then I messed up again about six rows into it. So. I am taking a break and I will try again in a few days.

On the more successful side, however, I have recently almost finished a knitted bunny for my friend’s baby shower in March:

and a close-up of his face which had to be embroidered on:

All he’s missing is a tail and a ribbon tied around his neck! So that’s something, anyway. 🙂

Adventures in cat-owning

Well, my little Arthur is growing up – he had a bit of a tantrum and locked himself in the bathroom last night.

Thing is, he’s a cat.

I closed him in my bathroom last night with food, water, his basket, and a litter box because, for vet reasons, I need to be sure that it’s him doing his “business.” When, after much protestation, I got up to let him out at four in the morning, it was to discover that he had locked the door. Now if it were the push-button lock, it’d be more understandable, but it’s not – it’s the turn-y kind. Thankfully, although I won’t be if I’m ever trying to hide from murderers, it’s fairly simple to unlock the door from the outside using a screwdriver, but it still threw me for a bit of a loop!