Packing, haircut, and knitting, ahoy!

Lots of exciting things to see here today amidst the packing frenzy!

First off: a new haircut which I adore!

and I’ve styled in since then and it actually looks pretty good still. Result!

And on the knitting front: yet another tea cosy. One that i didn’t only had to start over once!

I bought these pretty little ribbons at Jo-Ann’s and just sewed them on once the knitting was complete.

Adios, Borders!

Well, the end of Borders countdown has begun. Only three days – well, actually nights as I’m working the overnights for the remodel – the store looks beautiful and it hardly feels like work – there are no customers, obviously, from 11pm to 8am – so it’s just like rearranging my house or something – and then Book Club on Saturday – they chose Dracula (the complete and unabridged version – I’m so proud) – and then that’s it…no more employee discount. 😦 Oh, well, there are still coupons.

Then one more week of packing and I am making the oh, so glamorous move back home to figure out what the next adventure will be…

Finished knitting projects!

Bunny is completely finished! Here he is sporting his stylish blue bow:

He’s off to his new home tomorrow – it’s hard to give him away! Thank goodness I hadn’t named him yet or I’d never be able to let him leave.

And going along with him will be the FINALLY finished tea cosy that was giving me no end of trouble. It managed to continue giving me trouble even after it was finished as I have lost my tapestry needles and had no other needles with eyes big enough to finish it completely. It was slow going using just a crochet hook, but I managed. And here it is in all it’s hassle-ful glory:


Let the packing begin!

p.s. – Place your bets now on how many boxes of books I’ll have accumulated. Tip: When I moved in, I believe the count was at 19.

ETA: And the new total is 41 boxes of books!

Escaped convict? What?

There is what appears to be a helicopter hovering over my apartment complex (okay, well, not directly over, but near enough that it is very fucking loud!). It is my day off and I want to sleep past 5:30 today, so please to be shutting the fuck up!!!!

Also, I am somewhat concerned that this may mean there is an escaped convict in our near vicinity or some other crazy, scary shit going down nearby.

Maybe I’ll go knit and continue watching Gilmore Girls until it goes away and then go back to bed.