Oh, Harry

Okay. Just to prove that I still am, in fact, in the HP fandom, I will now weigh in on The Title. I like it. It’s eerie and dark and leaves me with the hope that Harry will die at the end of Book 7. I’ll admit, I do share some people’s mix of anticipation and reluctance about the last book because if I don’t like it, how will it affect my, well, affection for the others, knowing how they’ll end and what happens to fandom once we’ve all read it…basically I agree with everything said.

I don’t really want it to end.

I call lame!

Dee-saster!!!!!!!!! Double Bass guy (hereafter to be known as DB) has a girlfriend! I mean, how could he not – he’s perfect. How lame. Now that job is just a job where everybody thinks I don’t know what I’m doing which I don’t, but it’s because nobody tells me what I’m supposed to be doing and if they do, they certainly don’t give me the information that I need AND there is no romantic hope.