My winter tradition…

It’s snowing here and I think it’s probably about time to get out my favorite winter song Thomas Tallis’ Spem in Alium. If you live where it snows, wait until it is and then put this song on and watch the snow fall through a streetlamp – preferably one of the glowing, orange ones (but any will do in a pinch). Trust me, you’ll never look at snow the same way again.

Trust me.

Two things…

First of all, does anybody know of a song sung by a girl that has the chorus that goes something like…

‘No you don’t need nothin’ at all but me/
No you don’t need nothin’ at all but me/
No you don’t know what it takes to set me free’

…something like that, anyways. I keep hearing it on the radio and I really like it, but no one will tell me what the hell it is!

eta: Never mind – it’s Say It Right by Nelly Furtado! I thought it sounded like her…

And second of all…I GOT MY NEW OVEN – YAY!

Feed me, Seymour!

So on Sunday night, I come home from my stage managing gig and I’m like ‘Hmm, what’s that funny smell? Now I live in an old building with fourteen other units, so there are sometimes odd smells about the place, but this one…smelled like GAS. Dun, dun, dunnnn… So I called the gas company, packaged up my two cats, and went and sat in my car. In the snow. For an hour. When the guy from the gas co shows up (he couldn’t have been nicer, btw), it turns out that there’s a leak in my oven – something like the knob doesn’t turn all the way off. So he turns off my gas. I call my landlord the next day – to be fair, they came in that same day and looked at the stove.

Short story shorter…they’re going to have to replace the stove. Cut to: Thursday – I am longing for a grilled cheese sandwich, but have to settle for waffles.

Not that waffles are settling, mind you, and I would totally run away with my super-duper, professional grade waffle iron if it were legal to marry an appliance, but I really, reeeeaallly want a grilled cheese sandwich.

Or an egg over-easy.

But alas, no stove.

I come bearing gifts!

I have made a mix cd that I’m quite proud of AND I decided to share it with you all (I even made cover art for it!). Please take, take, take!

Artist: Various
Album: Secondhand Songs
Genre: Eclectic

1. Alela Diane – Pirate’s Gospel
2. Tom Waits – Little Drop of Poison
3. Sam Phillips – All Night
4. Jolie Holland – Old-Fashioned Morphine
5. Neko Case – Things That Scare Me
6. Raconteurs – Intimate Secretary
7. Liz Brady – Palladium
8. Clap Your Hands Say Yeah – The Skin of My Yellow Country Teeth
9. Regina Spektor – Fidelity
10. Jem – They
11. Elbow – Fallen Angel
12. Massive Attack – Teardrop
13. Au Revoir Simone – The Winter Song
14. Shins – New Slang
15. Beck – Little One
16. Vienna Teng – Blue Caravan
17. DeVotchKa – How It Ends

Who the hell is it?!

Something in my flat is beeping, softly but insistently. Not like it’s an alarm or an emergency, but more like someone’s batteries are running down.

To my electronic devices: I will change your batteries if you will make it clear who you are! WHICH ONE OF MY ELECTRONIC DEVICES ARE YOU?!?!?!??!?!?!?