New haircut; new knitting projects

I recently got a fabulous new haircut which I adore – I’m trying to post a piccie, but, alas, the technology, she is not cooperating.

Also, I’m very excited about my new knitting projects the Mrs. Darcy and Clessidra socks. Swatching tonight!

Also, I’m tres, tres behind on my book reviews of which I have several ready to post, but I keep putting it off. Although now that it’s warm in here (thanks more to Mother Nature than to any maintenance men), I don’t really have an excuse…

Also, I’m so, so antsy to start writing again – the mulling stage really can’t last much longer, can it? *le sigh*


I forgot! I saw Blades of Glory yesterday – hilarious. Seriously, it is made of awesome…in a juvenile and yet wonderful kind of way. (I heart Jon Heder – he is SO geek!chic.)

Also, just watched Primer. I don’t think I’m smart enough to understand this movie. Also? I’m not sure the actors/writers were smart enough to understand this movie. Also? I think (and I’m not sure because, again, I don’t think I’m smart enough to understand this movie) that there were elements of The Prestige about it.

STILL cold!

Okay. The radiators went off Friday night. It is coming up on Wednesday night. Still no heat. Hot water (my fears were unfounded), but no heat. It’s supposed to snow tonight.

I am not pleased with this turn of events.

Much rejoicing!

So, in an effort to warm up today, I:

1. Took a very long, very hot shower.
2. Baked a pound cake (tip: Its bake time was 1 1/2 hours!).
3. Dried my hair.
4. Drank about a gallon of tea.
5. Rejoiced when the heaters came on about an hour ago!


Also, huzzah because my stage managing gig from HELL is OVER!!!!!

eta: Alas, I rejoiced too soon – there’s a problem with the boiler and the radiators will most likely be going off momentarily. Thank goodness I had them all on in an attempt to stock up on heat should this very thing happen… The maintenance man said it’ll be fixed tomorrow, though, so not much longer!


Holy crap, is it cold in here! It’s in the low 30s outside and none of my radiators will come on!!! I’m pretty sure it’s that we’ve passed the date for when they’re turned on for the building, but still – it’s got to be near freezing in here! I’d go get a space heater, but a)I’m a little wary of them being fire hazards and b)I don’t have time between now and when my (last!) performance is. So I’m toying between bundling up the cats and driving home after the concert or just wearing all my clothes at the same time and going to buy a space heater tomorrow…



Urgh. Why are my eyes all puffy/achy? Hmm. Maybe I shouldn’t have had a glass of wine with dinner considering I’ve been basically on a nonstop Advil regimen for the last couple of days…

Oh well!

TV recap:
Office – good, but disappointing on the Jim/Pam front.
30 Rock – alive with TEH AWESOME.
Scrubs – disappointing YET AGAIN! What is with them this season???
Andy Barker, PI – I keep trying to give them a chance because I didn’t like 30 Rock at first either, but I do not see it happening. And how much do I love Conan O’Brien who’s producing? Lots, but even the Conan loff may not be enough to keep this one afloat…
My Name Is Earl – hasn’t been on yet.

Countdown to end of lame-ass stage managing gig:
2 rehearsals
1 performance