Young Adult

Flora Segunda

Flora Segunda is one of those books that was really good, but is impossible to summarize and is a little bit difficult to talk about for some reason. The characters are likable while being flawed at the same time which makes them all the more realistic and sympathetic.

The only drawback to the book – and I’m mentioning it here so that it’s neither the first nor the last thing you’ll remember, but I’d be remiss not to mention it – is, well, I’m not sure what you’d call it…the back story? There are words in the language (Flora’s name being one of them) which seem to be based on Spanish and Italian while other things (and of course I can’t think of any now) don’t fit in so easily. Ths might not bother you, but I just couldn’t quite settle in completely without knowing whichc ountry this fantasy/alternate world was based on.

But don’t pay attention to that. Flora Segunda is a very enjoyable read, driven by its strong plot and charming, real characters. The author’s background as a military historican provided the background for trhe story and it shows in the details, so hopefully there’s lots more research to draw on for more Flora Segunda stories.

My rating: B+

(It’s so much easier to write reviews for the books that I didn’t like!)


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