Finally, some knitterly writings!

No, it’s not Mrs. Darcy – I’m still afraid to work on it, really – I’ve been burned twice already! (I sort of feel like I should clarify – the knitter who designed it and wrote the pattern did a good job – it’s very clear and the first time, when I was actually following the pattern, it came out exactly as she said it would, but, as I am monster-sized, I’m having to try and muddle my way through altering the pattern which is what’s causing all the frustrations on my part. So my fault, not the pattern’s. Also maybe the yarn’s (superwash wool) fault based on something I just read in Yarn Harlot’s book. We’ll see.)

One of the girls at work is going to have a baby! Not ’til December, but I figured if I started now, I would be way ahead of the game… So. I am attempting to use up lots of my stash – especially the synthetics which I bought when I first started knitting, but now, having seen the light of natural fibers, are just taking up space under my bed.

First I made this:

which is actually made from really nice yarn that I’ve worked with before and had some leftovers. The pattern is from One Skein and, although it was actually much easier than I’d anticipated, was not, in fact, made from one skein. More like two and a half. But that’s okay!

Now, on the synthetic side, I thought I’d get rid of a fairly sizable chunk by making a baby blanket. I’m hoping since it’s just a blanket and will probably just be folded up and draped over something, it won’t be so obvious that the yarn is not quite as nice as it maybe could be. Also, it’s still too early to know whether it’s a girl or a boy, so I’ve gone for the nice greens and yellows, which, incidently is exactly what the pattern  from Mason-Dixon’s book called for. Also, I figure, this way, if they have other children, they can use it for them no matter what. I mean, not that a boy can’t have a nice pink blanket or a girl can’t have a pretty blue one, but, you know…tradition!

The only drawback is that since it’s ALL garter stitch, it’s a wee tad on the boring side. But it also means I can watch tv without even thinking about it…although there’s not much good on tv at the moment, but still!

I’ve ordered some yarn (one because I didn’t have enough leftovers for the project and one because I’ve always wanted to work with it) to do two  more projects for her – that’s the only yarn I’m going to buy, everything else will be from my stash, so I’ll post those pictures once I’ve actually got the yarn.

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