Sound Bites by Alex Kapranos

I am in love. I wish I could describe food the way Alex Kapranos does.  Hell, I wish I could describe anything the way Kapranos does.

I think it was The Guardian  that asked Alex Kapranos, singer and guitarist for Franz Ferdinand to write a series of articles about the food he encountered while on tour. This book, Sound Bites, is the slim, but satisfying compilation of his articles. Holy cow, the man can describe. Some of the food sounds really good, some of it sounds repulsive, but all of it is described in delicate, evocative detail. Whether it’s a pastry in Soho (oh, my god, I practically drooled all over the page) or marrow bone (I…didn’t know what this was, but from his description, I’m pretty sure I wish I didn’t know now), the scene is meticulously set.

He definitely has a way with words that is…unexpected. I mean, I know songwriting is wordcraft, but still. This was a treat to read. And there are lots of little asides that add a really nice, intimate touch. Like he says he wears sunglasses, not too look cool, but because, since he can’t make eye contact with everybody in the audience, he’d rather not connect with just a few. Or something like that – trust me, he said it much more elegantly.

So who’s Alex Kapranos? Here he is (in the red and black-striped shirt), with the rest of the band:

Man, I wish he’d describe me. And, no, that’s not a euphemism… Okay, well, maybe it is, but I also wish he’d literally describe me. 😉

My rating: A-

One thought on “Non-fiction

  1. haha – I know which one he is but did you notice there happens to be TWO guys in red & black stripe shirts…. I bet they were like “dude”… “dude”… “stand as far away from me as possible”… “snap”
    hahahaha 😀

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