Oh, the carnage!

Last week it was moths, which the cats kindly took care of (mostly). This week…it’s flies. And like the bees around here, I’m not talking about your everyday sized fly. These are about as big as flies can get without being horseflies. I’ve no idea where they’re coming from – I do not live in squalor! I hoover about once a week, do the dishes as soon as I’ve used them, and clean the cats’ box everyday (or every other day if I’m feeling lazy).

At first, I tried being nice and just shooed them out the balcony door. Well, today, I no longer felt quite so nice. Armed with my super-dooper fly swatter, I became, like Ripred and Gregor, a rager. In a matter of minutes, the fly population was completely and utterly decimated.

Frankly, I’m tempted to pin one of the bodies to the windowsills as a warning.

Man, I hate bugs. 😦

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