The Professor’s Daughter by Joann Sfar and Emmanuel Guibert

So, like I said. Graphic novels. Not, like, Spiderman or X-Men or anything (not that there’s anything wrong with those), more like Bone. That sort of thing.

This one…is a little odd. I love the premise (a mummy and the curator’s daughter are in love in Victorian London) and I adore the artwork – so gorgeous (how do you make a bandaged mummy handsome? I have no idea, but they pulled it off!), but the actual plot is a little…odd.  It’s a very slim book, so things happen very quickly and there are some not quite believable actions taken. But. The artwork is definitely, definitely worth it, as is most of the plot. It’s more moments where you’ll be a little confused as to why someone thought that was the best way to solve a particular situation, but it’s really not too big of a deal. Not when there’s a charming, debonair mummy to be had!

My rating:

Art = A+

Story = B

You can figure out the average on your own based on what’s more important to you. 😉 



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