They could make a thousand Die Hards and I would see every single one. I want to marry John McClane so that I can follow him down a rickety fire escape while he breathlessly murmurs ‘Stay close. Stay close to me.’

Sure, there are probably a hundred things wrong with it if I thought about it too much, but why would I want to do that? It is a perfect summer movie – there are explosions, the good guys win, there is a cute sidekick, a pretty sexy villain, there are car chases, and, of course the line. Sure, it’s not as good as the first one – without Alan Rickman, how could it be? And, despite being good at chase scenes, I think John McClane is better in a confined space – but it is pure fun and I will go and see as many as they will make for me.

Summer movie tally = 4-2 (I think…Ratatouille, Pirates, Ocean’s 13 (with EDDIE IZZARD), and Die Hard vs. Shrek and Spidey. Right?)

In other news, I really want Justin Long a Mac now.