A couple of things…

Spoilery – if you haven’t read HPDH, then don’t click ‘more.’ Just a warning.

These are the two things that are bothering me. Everything else I loved. Snape’s story was just spot on. McGonagall = kick-ass superstar. Everyone got their one perfect moment (except for someone who I’ll be mentioning below…) and how everything came together, oh, just absolutely could not have been better. It made me laugh, it made me cry (a few times), it made me gasp…only two things kept it from being absolutely perfect. And they are:

1. I wish she’d left off the epilogue. I would rather wonder how things turned out, then have them spelled out for me (uh, no pun intended). It felt a little amateur, actually. Open-ended wins every time, baby.

2. Okay. The more I think about it, the more this makes me mad. I knew Remus was probably going to die. When he married Tonks and they had a baby, I knew his odds were only getting worse (though I’ll admit that I never thought she’d kill BOTH of them). I’m all for tragic, but if he had to die, I wanted to see it happen, not just have it be a tossed away moment that happened on the periphery of things. He was Harry’s last connection to his parents and I thought for sure that Jo would let us see him go down fighting.

He deserved better.


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