omg movies!

Well, first off, I saw the Simpsons movie yesterday. Best. Simpsons. Movie. EVAR! Yes, I also know that it’s the only Simpsons movie, but it is really great. The last couple of seasons, I don’t think they’ve been up to their normal standards and now, after having seen the movie, I think it’s probably because they were focusing most, if not all, of their creative genius (!) on the movie. And it was genius well spent. It is funny, it is sweet (in their own Simpsons way), but more importantly? IT IS FUNNY! Very good. Go see it. Unless you’re not a Simpsons fan – you won’t understand anything. What you should do is rent/borrow/buy season 1 and just start there. Work your way through the 10 seasons that are available (out of 18 so far) and then go see the movie. It’ll totally be worth your time.

I promise.

eta: Oops, I forgot…Summer movie tally = 5-1-3. And I think that may be it…well, no, I guess August is still summer, so Stardust (which is looking to be a better movie than a book, but we’ll see) will be added to the summer movie tally eventually.


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