Oh, dear…

…I have discovered the wonder that is eBay and its abundance of ARCs (which I love!). So far I have won two of the books that I was going for – The Raw Shark Texts by Steven Hall (yes, I know this is already out, but although I didn’t feel like reading it for twenty-some dollars, I will read it for ten) and Hero by Perry Moore, which I am very excited about. The third one, The Arrival by Shaun Tan, I really wanted, but I missed the end of the auction because my alarm didn’t go off in time (!). But it’s okay, because turns out it’s only going to retail for $20 and I wasn’t going to get it any cheaper for the ARC. So it’s okay. And it’ll be in hardcover when it comes out in October, so it’ll be nicer and hopefully hold up better.

But I’m still a little disappointed because there’s just something about an ARC that I love. 😉

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