Compare and contrast: Or, judging a book by its cover

Okey-dokey. This is going to be a fairly image-heavy post, so for anyone on dial-up, you may want to avoid it!

Claire left a comment on my post about the latest Jasper Fforde book, lamenting (and I totally agree) the state of the covers (and the internal illustrations, but I think that’s a different post as it will involve some scanning instead of just left-click, save-as-ing). Now, I have to say that, for once, I actually prefer the American covers. I do like the old/collector’s editions of the UK versions, which, Claire, I think were the ones (or at least fairly similar ones) that you got in Australia.


With the new Nursery Crime series, came a different style of covers. Fair enough. And again, I really like the ones that the American versions have – a sort of cross-hatching kind of drawing which makes it seem sort of noir-ish. But. The UK (and, again, I’m assuming that yours are like these, Claire) went for sort of a retro 60s look in an attempt, I expect, to recreate the feel of the recent uber-cool Stephen King mystery books or, of course, the super retro (now) Nancy Drew covers:

Which I think are fantastic in a pulpy, spy novelly, girl detective kind of way. What they got was this:


See what I mean? I think I get what they were going for, but they ended up with something that was definitely not as retro-cool as they could have been.

To be continued…

But first, p.s. – Here are the US covers:

See? Aren’t they sort of jazzy-cool? Okay, now to be continued…

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