Compare and contrast international: Or, the Aussie version

So Claire was good enough (via her father, I think) to send me pictures of her Jasper Fforde covers. And I have to say, I  like them. They are really nice variations on the UK original covers. Apparently, though, it’s only the first three that look like this – four and five have the same (or at least similar) covers as the crazy new illustrated covers. Anyway, here are the Australian covers for the first three Fforde books:

Cute, huh?

One thought on “Compare and contrast international: Or, the Aussie version

  1. Correct, the photos were via my father…I’m unfortunately in a different country (and continent) to my books!! (It’s quietly killing me inside…)

    And I LOVE the covers they put out in oz (granted lost in a good book and the well of lost plots are slightly larger in size than the eyre affair – I can deal with that) – but yes, then they just stopped and replaced with the dorky illustrated versions! So not happy. I think my favourite will always be The Eyre Affair – it’s been read a couple of times so it’s a little ragged, but loved, the way books should be…And the cover is just so cute!!

    Anywho – what am I to do? Hardcover, maybe?


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