You’re getting sleepy…

And I also like to knit a little something for the mom-to-be, too. I decided to splurge a little bit and knit the eyemask from Handknit Holidays which is made out of silk yarn. Wow! It’s gorgeous, with a lovely sheen to it and it’s very soft.

But it is a bitch to knit with.

And I’m not sure how well it’s going to hold up – it’s already started to sort of, well, not pill, but lose its stitch definition a bit. And all it’s done is sit in a tupperware container full of other yarn! I’ve seen patterns for camisole tops done in this yarn, but, considering how much a skein of it costs and how hard it is to keep nice (come on, it’s SILK!), I don’t really think I’ll be using it for anything other than these eyemasks (one skein makes about three of them, so that’s two more to go – any takers?) 😉

Anyway, this is how it turned out. It’s a little misshapen, but hopefully she’ll just be so glad to have a moment to herself for a quick, relaxing nap that she won’t notice it’s ever-so-slightly lopsided…

There is an amusing story which demonstrates my lack of knowledge re: quantities of things that goes along with this.

So what you do is, you knit up the eyemask flat, then use it as a pattern to cut out a muslin version of it which you sew shut, fill with flaxseed and lavender, and then sew inside the knitted cover. The directions call for a cup and a half of the flaxseed and a cup of the lavender (which was too much – I ended up opening it up again and emptying about a quarter to half of it out again, so it would lay nicely over the eyes).

I went online to order the flaxseed and lavender from a craft site I found. The trick was that I had to order by weight and I wasn’t sure how much a cup and a half of flaxseed or a cup of lavender weighed. Well, come on, is that something you know? If it is, I will happily bow to your mighty intellect. But I don’t. So I think I ended up ordering five pounds of the flaxseed (it was on sale!) and one of the lavender (it was more expensive than I expected, so I figured I could just alter the ratio of flaxseed to lavender if I needed to).

Then I noticed that on the lavender’s page it said that a pound of lavender usually contained approximately…wait for it…THIRTEEN CUPS of lavender.

Of course, now I was envisioning flaxseed in I Love Lucy proportions. I’d be forced to keep it in drawers, on shelves, under my bed, I’d have to sell my books to make room for the flaxseed – when I turned out my pockets to do laundry, I was sure I would be buried by the sheer volume of flaxseed I would find there! I pictured having to sneak it surreptitiously out of my apartment a la The Great Escape, so that one day someone would say ‘Hey, didn’t there used to be a parking lot here?’ And I’d have to innocently say ‘No, I’m sure it was always a giant pile of flaxseed and you just never noticed. Surely.’

Well, long story short, I needn’t have worried so. I do have a rather large bag of it, which should keep me in flaxseed for the rest of my life, but it is not the catastrophe I feared it might be… 😉

p.s. – They’re baby booties. See how clever I am?

Arrrr, mateys! (Get it?)

Now, I know that lately the blog has been all Jasper Fforde, all the time, but I actually do have other interests, not just books. Does anyone still remember that I knit? Well, I do! And I have a finished project to show you!

This is more stuff for my friend at work and her baby (due in mid-December, if I remember correctly).

And one for perspective – they’re so tiny! I have no idea what size baby feet usually are, so these may end up just being cutesy decorations, but they’re still really cute!

It’s a pattern that I found on Brooklyn Tweed, but it came from Saartje Knits. (Cayt, you might recognise the yarn – they’re sort of an inverted version of the slippers I knit you for Christmas, I think.) And I still have leftovers, so if any more of you start having baby daughters, just let me know and I’ll knit up some more of these. They went really fast – I could probably have knocked out both of them in a Saturday or so. There are some flaws, but I don’t think they’re ones that anybody but me will see. At least I hope not…

The farm report…

Okay. So. Once again, my black thumb is kicking in. This is what usually happens, actually – everything thrives at the beginning and then, just when I’ve gotten up my hopes that this time it’s really going to be different…they all die.

First of all, I don’t think Lazarus has really recovered from his mugging. I gave him some of those plant food spikes, so we’ll see how he goes. Then the cilantro decided to die. Then I freaked out and cut the dill WAY back (seriously it was starting to frighten me). So if the dill dies, really, that one’s my fault. The lemons and the watermelon(s!)…

(This picture doesn’t really do it justice – it’s really cute, with its little baby watermelon furs!)

…have stalled and not gotten any bigger. I’ve started feeding them plant food mixed in with their water twice a week, so, like Lazarus, I’ll keep you posted (pun intended).

The only one who seems to really be in it for the win is the cherry tomato plant. Behold the plentiful bounty!

I’m going to be knee deep in grilled cheese sandwiches and mini-pizzas when these babies ripen… 🙂