Arrrr, mateys! (Get it?)

Now, I know that lately the blog has been all Jasper Fforde, all the time, but I actually do have other interests, not just books. Does anyone still remember that I knit? Well, I do! And I have a finished project to show you!

This is more stuff for my friend at work and her baby (due in mid-December, if I remember correctly).

And one for perspective – they’re so tiny! I have no idea what size baby feet usually are, so these may end up just being cutesy decorations, but they’re still really cute!

It’s a pattern that I found on Brooklyn Tweed, but it came from Saartje Knits. (Cayt, you might recognise the yarn – they’re sort of an inverted version of the slippers I knit you for Christmas, I think.) And I still have leftovers, so if any more of you start having baby daughters, just let me know and I’ll knit up some more of these. They went really fast – I could probably have knocked out both of them in a Saturday or so. There are some flaws, but I don’t think they’re ones that anybody but me will see. At least I hope not…


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