You’re getting sleepy…

And I also like to knit a little something for the mom-to-be, too. I decided to splurge a little bit and knit the eyemask from Handknit Holidays which is made out of silk yarn. Wow! It’s gorgeous, with a lovely sheen to it and it’s very soft.

But it is a bitch to knit with.

And I’m not sure how well it’s going to hold up – it’s already started to sort of, well, not pill, but lose its stitch definition a bit. And all it’s done is sit in a tupperware container full of other yarn! I’ve seen patterns for camisole tops done in this yarn, but, considering how much a skein of it costs and how hard it is to keep nice (come on, it’s SILK!), I don’t really think I’ll be using it for anything other than these eyemasks (one skein makes about three of them, so that’s two more to go – any takers?) 😉

Anyway, this is how it turned out. It’s a little misshapen, but hopefully she’ll just be so glad to have a moment to herself for a quick, relaxing nap that she won’t notice it’s ever-so-slightly lopsided…

There is an amusing story which demonstrates my lack of knowledge re: quantities of things that goes along with this.

So what you do is, you knit up the eyemask flat, then use it as a pattern to cut out a muslin version of it which you sew shut, fill with flaxseed and lavender, and then sew inside the knitted cover. The directions call for a cup and a half of the flaxseed and a cup of the lavender (which was too much – I ended up opening it up again and emptying about a quarter to half of it out again, so it would lay nicely over the eyes).

I went online to order the flaxseed and lavender from a craft site I found. The trick was that I had to order by weight and I wasn’t sure how much a cup and a half of flaxseed or a cup of lavender weighed. Well, come on, is that something you know? If it is, I will happily bow to your mighty intellect. But I don’t. So I think I ended up ordering five pounds of the flaxseed (it was on sale!) and one of the lavender (it was more expensive than I expected, so I figured I could just alter the ratio of flaxseed to lavender if I needed to).

Then I noticed that on the lavender’s page it said that a pound of lavender usually contained approximately…wait for it…THIRTEEN CUPS of lavender.

Of course, now I was envisioning flaxseed in I Love Lucy proportions. I’d be forced to keep it in drawers, on shelves, under my bed, I’d have to sell my books to make room for the flaxseed – when I turned out my pockets to do laundry, I was sure I would be buried by the sheer volume of flaxseed I would find there! I pictured having to sneak it surreptitiously out of my apartment a la The Great Escape, so that one day someone would say ‘Hey, didn’t there used to be a parking lot here?’ And I’d have to innocently say ‘No, I’m sure it was always a giant pile of flaxseed and you just never noticed. Surely.’

Well, long story short, I needn’t have worried so. I do have a rather large bag of it, which should keep me in flaxseed for the rest of my life, but it is not the catastrophe I feared it might be… 😉

p.s. – They’re baby booties. See how clever I am?


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