Stardust: The Movie

Well, fabulous in-joke aside, I really liked it. Really really liked it. And it was way better than the book (basically, how could it not be?). So good – funny, sweet, exciting – really, it has it all. The ghost brothers are spot-on, Claire Danes and Charlie Cox (is he Prince Caspian? I know someone in this movie is…) are so cute together, Michelle Pfeiffer and her fellow witches are awesomely bad. And Inspector Lynley is there and, oh, DeNiro, you are too cute! And there’s also what may be one of the most awesome swordfights in all of moviedom. Just maybe. Oh! And Mr. Weasley playing a goat! It’s all just so good. And I don’t think it wandered too far from the book – I mean, there are things that are missing and things that are, well, ever-so-slightly inaccurate, but I think all the changes were for the better. Definitely you should see it.

Summer movie tally = 6-1-3

And I really think that’s probably it for the summer movie tally, so all in all, a positive movie-going summer. Next up is…let’s see…The Golden Compass, I think. What did we have previews for today? Oh, my god, Across the Universe. Seriously, if I have to see that preview one more time, I swear I may have to scratch out my own eyes. There was Beowulf which looks, well, not much like the real Beowulf, but we’ll see. Crazy Zemeckis and his motion capture obsession… Oh! Also Dark is Rising or as it’s apparently being called now The Seeker: The Dark is Rising. I really wish I cared about this book because apparently the movie is butchering it and that’s the sort of bandwagon it’s fun to hop on to, but I just can’t summon the outrage for it. Really I just want to discuss the use of pagan imagery to heavyhandedly reinforce Christian religion (aka I Know I’m Being Manipulated But I’m Not Sure In Which Direction). But that’s not really the kind of thing you can get into at a Borders Young Readers Book Club meeting, so…

Anyways. Go see Stardust. Or, more accurately, watch ‘The Builders’ episode of Fawlty Towers and then go see Stardust

Calming down now…

Okay. What I was trying to say before is that the guy who plays the guard who, well, guards the wall in Wall is played by David Kelly who also played Mr. O’Reilly on ‘The Builders’ episode of Fawlty Towers. Mr. O’Reilly is a handyman that Basil has hired in the past to build him a WALL which he has never done beyond leaving a pile of bricks in the general vicinity of where Basil wants the wall built.

So. The man who guards the wall in Stardust is the same man who never built a wall on Fawlty Towers! The movie could have been terrible (which it wasn’t!) and still it would have been completely awesome.

The trials and tribulations of being a punk-ass kid: Or, Oh, no! I swallowed part of my tongue ring!

So the title of this post pretty much sums it up. I was happily eating my Cheerios this morning when I suddenly thought ‘Hmm, what’s that scratching the roof of my mouth? Is there something grainy in my cereal? (pun not intended)’

I soon realised that I had swallowed the top ball of my tongue ring. Disaster!

Or not really. It took like five minute to run down to the local tattoo parlor and get a new one. And I even took advantage of getting a new one to get a shorter one. It’s soaking in Listerine as we speak, so soon I will have a shiny, new tongue ring.

But. Going down to my local tattoo parlor always makes me nervous because I want them to like me, but I feel like I’m not cool enough. I mean, they’re always very nice, but I do worry that they’re like ‘Wow, she has a tongue ring? Poseur!’ I’m sure they’re not, but still. I worry.

Also, now I really want another tattoo, but I can’t quite decide what. Well, I sort of have, but I haven’t decided exactly what – I think I want to get a cute ’50s pinup girl to represent my inner bad girl. Something like this:

I can see your horrified faces from here, but I think she’s cute (I know, not really a ‘bad girl,’ but still…). Plus! She’s reading a book! And it would definitely be somewhere where you couldn’t see it all the time. But like I said – I haven’t decided anything yet. I may change my mind completely! I just know I want another one…and a proper one this time. I mean, I like my word, but I’d like to have something a little more colorful.

Any of you out there have tattoos I don’t know about? (Debby, I know you have the one on your wrist, but I can’t remember if you had any others…)


Having just finished all the seasons of Entourage that are out on DVD, I must say that I absolutely adore it! At first I thought it was like Sex and the City but without all the fabulous clothes and shoes and apartments and lives to be jealous of. But I think it’s so much better!

The guys are really cute and very likable, but, more importantly, you can’t be jealous because they’re living in Hollywood and, of course, they have more money (well, one of them does) than you (or I) do, but it’s okay…because they live in Hollywood. It’s much more unattainable then the girls’ lives on Sex and the City and therefore, nothing to be jealous about!

You should definitely check it out – Netflix it or get it from the library or something because it’s great! Like a little confection of television.


Pseudo-book review…

I’ve noticed that a lot of people are finding my blog by searching for Hero by Perry Moore. And I feel like I have to say that I’ve put it aside for the moment.

Not because it was bad (I don’t think – I really only made it through the first few chapters or so), but because, once again, it turned out to not be what I was expecting. I was hoping it would be Boy Meets Boy (sweetest book ever!) meets Smallville or something, but instead, it looks like it’s leaning more toward Rainbow Boys (which I must clarify by saying that I’ve never actually read Rainbow Boys mostly because its cover really puts me off – too After School Special-ly, which is what I’m basing this on entirely) meets…I don’t know…some really disappointing super hero league.

Which sounds really negative and I don’t want to say anything bad because I haven’t actually finished it and it may be that other things led me to set it aside for the moment, but…well, it didn’t make me not set it aside.

If that makes any sense. So that’s my initial reaction.