Oh, the humanity!

Okay. I spent last night at my parents’ house because Josephine had a vet appointment (just to update her shots, don’t worry) and when I got back late this morning, I found THIS:

I don’t know what happened here – I didn’t even know I needed to be worried about my watermelons bursting! So now all my watermelon hopes are riding on the only other little one growing… I don’t think the squirrel was responsible for this, but he may very well have been responsible for THIS:

And he was even starting to recover from his tragic mugging – there was already a little flower ready to bloom into a tomato. Oh, Lazarus, we hardly knew ye!

Now, I’m pretty sure it rained here at some point while I was away – whether it was last night or earlier this morning, I don’t know – but it would have had to have been quite the storm to cause this much damage… I guess what happened on my balcony between the afternoon of August 17 and the late morning of August 18 will remain one of the world’s mysteries, right up there with the Mary Celeste and the Bermuda Triangle.

If only Lazarus could talk…

Godspeed, little watermelon. Godspeed.


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