The Light Fantastic by Terry Pratchett

So in the midst of my earlier book ennui, I found myself at Pages for All Ages, hoping for the new issue of Q magazine to cheer me up a bit. Alas, they are surprisingly behind schedule and I still don’t have the Guitar Heroes issue. Lame! But. While I was there, I remembered my friend from work saying that she really liked Terry Pratchett’s books and that her favorite was, surprise, surprise, given the subject of this post, The Light Fantastic. She recommended any of the books about the wizards or the night watchmen, but said that this one in particular was her favorite.

Since I was looking for something that would be a quick, entertaining read and I know lots of people think he’s very funny, I thought ‘Why not?’ and picked it up.

And all those people? Totally right. He’s very funny. But it doesn’t feel like it’s funny just for the sake of being funny. He manages to be funny in the middle of the plot and the characters and everything. Sometimes it’s puns, sometimes it’s just an odd way of looking at or describing things, and other times it’s just a monumental irreverence.

There is an inept wizard, an aging hero, an unflappably optimistic tourist, and sentient luggage (I definitely wish my luggage loved me!). There is also a camera which, instead of using film, contains a very small demon who is responsible for painting the image the camera sees. If I described the plot, it might not sound like much (said inept wizard is responsible for saving the world), but it’s more how he writes the story that makes it worth the read.

The only bad thing is that Terry Pratchett has a ton of books out, I think, so now I’m going to have to work my way through the rest of them! But highly recommended if you’re looking for a bit of an easy read that’s cheerful and funny and doesn’t require too much in the way of thinking.

My rating: A-

One thought on “Fiction

  1. OMG! Did you only JUST discover Terry Pratchett?? I met him randomly at a book launch, or not so randomly as it was his book launch, and he’s nutter, as you would expect. He was wearing that black hat that he wears in his cover photos, and – wait for it – a black shirt and black pants/slacks/whatever. I can’t recall if he stretched to wearing the black cape too…
    And yes, he has SO many books out these days. You MUST read Wee Free Men and A Hat Full Of Sky. MUST MUST MUST. MUST!! They’re a mini series in his squadron of books.

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