Plant first aid

Remember Lazarus? He looked like this?

Well, a week after ‘the incident,’ I realised that his leaves were still looking healthy and green, so I thought ‘I wonder if I could resucitate him.’ So I headed out on to the balcony with my floral tape and bandaged him up a bit.

He still wouldn’t stand up straight any more, so I thought ‘Oh, maybe he needs to be staked.’ Not staked in a Buffy way, obviously – The Celery Stalks at Midnight this is not! But the problem was I did not have a stake. So after looking around my apartment for something to use as a stake, I came up with this:

It may be a little hard to see, but he is staked to a knitting needle. So far it’s working pretty well. We’ll see how it goes, though – that bastard squirrel was back on my balcony again this morning…

Also, here’s a photo of my cherry tomato bounty:

And the new hope of the garden:

ETA: That bastard squirrel was on my balcony again this morning! And so was a giant crow or raven or…whatever, a giant black bird! What is with all the WILDLIFE (okay, there’s nothing wrong with wildlife, but why must they try to eat my hard-grown tomatoes!)!

*shakes fist in manner of elderly person trying to get ‘those damn kids off my lawn’*


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