Computer cagematch; Or…

…my PC just isn’t as sexy as Justin Long a Mac.

Okay everybody out there in computerland. I’m hoping to harness the power of the internet! Mwahahahahahaha!

No, seriously.

Everybody who sees this post (whether I know you or not), please tell me

  • if you use Mac or PC,
  • what you like or don’t like about whichever one you use,
  • desktop (what I have – PC) vs. laptop (what I want – Mac), and
  • anything else you think I should know before I commit. 

And then find your spouse/significant other/friend/roommate/person down the hall/some guy walking past your window and tell me what THEY think!

I have to warn you, I’m this close to buying the Mac, so those of you who are PCers have your work cut out for you.

p.s. – Bonus points to anybody who used to have a PC and made the switch over to Mac – I’m still not really clear on what happens to my printer, my scanner, or any programs that I have on my PC that I’d like to run on a Mac (mostly this is games (Harry Potter, Sims, Knytt – oh, my god, Knytt – that is a-whole-nother post) and the occasional historical version of WordPerfect unless I can be convinced otherwise)…

Please! Help me! Educate me!


2 thoughts on “Computer cagematch; Or…

  1. Ok let me be the first to post… PC or MAC…

    Well as someone who owns both and has worked on both I hope I can help a little…

    FIrst, before I even start, I must tell you there is the Mac Book Pro, it is firstly a MAC, it’s a laptop (a pretty one at that) and is one of the best computers out there… also it has a cool function which allows you to jump between a (PC) Windows operating system AND a Mac OSX operating system. This is great, cause if you do have a PC games that only operate on windows you don’t have to get rid of them… also, MACs are slated because when you want to upgrade you have to buy a whole new machine, with the PRO, because it has the in-built intel chip, you just upgrade as you would with a PC, by buying more Gigs… neat*

    And you must know, all extras like speakers/printers/digital camera’s all work on MAC and best of all, they’re picked up as external hardware, so you DON’T have to load software onto your machine and slow it down… and when not using it all you have to do is eject it much like a USB or firewire (iPods) and it doesn’t hurt your machine… with a PC you always have to load software and 9 times out of ten the more you load on the slower your machine…

    A MAC is idiot proof… I don’t mind saying it, you drag folders from one point to another to save, you have an apple find which is far easier to navigate that the silly PC find option… MACs have so many useful functions that it is in no way, a lesser machine than the PC.. they;re just different…

    Now I know there are die-hard PC fans out there and although PCs are great, it my firm belief that PCs are more for formatting and handling large amounts of data more suited for people that are totally computer literate and know their way around the machine…

    MACs are just so user friendly, that it makes everyday use a breeze…

    OK well I could probs go on and on about PROs and CONs but at the end of the day, It’s whatever floats your boat… but ANNE MACs are just so darn pretty…

  2. Jeff sez: PCs are cheaper than MACs. MACs are friendlier and more virus-resistant. There’s more (and cheaper?) software for PCs. Because there are more people on PCs, it’s probably easier to “hook up with them” (meaning exchange files) but that’s less true than it used to be. If you’re worried that most of the computers that you’ll be using at jobs will be PCs, it’s easier to have a PC at home to play with. If you want to broaden your computer horizons, you might want to try a MAC.

    I say: Ohmigod, you are really pulling ahead! Look at you, making blogs and inserting photographs with your digital camera. Downloading games. What happened to my Word Perfect-only friend? Will I be the last computer-phobic girl in the world?

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