Mort by Terry Pratchett

I figured that, since I read the second Discworld book before I’d read the first and because the back of the books assure me that I do not need to read them in order, I would attempt to read them as out of order as possible. And I liked Death, who showed up briefly in The Light Fantastic and talks Like this, so when I saw that there was a whole book about him, I figured ‘Why not?’ or, as Death would say, Why not?

I really think it’s going to be difficult to find a Terry Pratchett book that’s not enjoyable. After having to force myself to finish the last book, it was nice to go into a book knowing that it would be a light, fun, entertaining read. And it didn’t disappoint.

It revolves around Mort, who becomes Death’s apprentice. It’d really be kind of difficult to describe the plot, so I’ll just leave it at that. But it turns out Death is really a nice enough guy who likes cats. There is also a princess, two wizards, Death’s daughter, a mid-career crisis, and an alternate reality that is being slowly absorbed by the real reality. Mort is clever and sweet, Ysabell (Death’s daughter) is an unexpected heroine, and I don’t know if I just have a thing for skeletal men *cough*SkulduggeryPleasant*cough* or what that says about me, but Death is just plain awesome.

Another funny, fluffy book. I don’t know which one I’ll read next – maybe a Nightwatchmen one… Any recommendations?

My rating: A-

ETA: Claire, I know you recommended Wee Free Men but they didn’t have it at Borders when I went the other day, so I got Guards! Guards! instead. But I’ll keep looking!

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