Robot Dreams by Sara Varon

I am really enjoying these wordless graphic novels lately. This one is completely the opposite of The Arrival but just as lovely. If the drawings look familiar, it’s because her picture book (I don’t remember what it’s called, but it’s about a chicken and…a cat? Or a duck?) shares the same style and creatures.

Here’s the basic story: A dog builds himself a robot friend. They go to the beach where the robot, sadly, rusts and the dog has to leave him behind. That’s basically it. The rest of the book is about the dog trying to help his new friend and, when he’s unable to, trying to find a new friend. The robot, meanwhile, dreams of different ways to leave the beach and find his way back to his friend, the dog.

The illustrations are full of an innocence, probably because of their simple lines and expressive faces. The story is definitely on the bitter side of sweet, but it all turns out well enough in the end.

My rating:

Art: A

Story: A

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