So. I’ve recently started a new book. Writing, that is, not reading. And it’s hard! I don’t remember Mary being this difficult, but she did sort of just take over the story and do whatever the hell she wanted to do.

And that probably gives you a hint that it’s not another Mary/Arthur story. I’m not saying it’s out of the question, but it would definitely give me more trouble than Mary Clockwork did and again, it’s all down to Mary.

The problem is that I think she’s honestly a psychopath.

I managed to sort of tone it down a bit in the first one. I mean, sure, she does commit a few crimes here and there, but it’s always against people who can afford it and she never really hurts anyone. It’s more about outsmarting a certain someone than actively committing the crime.

But it’s not like she learned anything from it.

And even if she did, what she learned is that she’s smart enough to get away with that sort of thing! The problem with continuing to write her is that I think she would eventually hurt someone. I don’t think she would plan to do it, but if somebody got in her way or threatened her somehow, I don’t see her hesitating to take care of it however she had to.

And that’s a line that Arthur would just never cross.

So if there were more Mary/Arthur stories, I think it would soon become clear that Mary really was a Villain and she would, at some point, most likely turn on Arthur. Probably after he pointed out that she’d taken things too far, but it would still happen.

But. I started to talk about my new story. Not in any detail, really, because, as you’ll see, I’m still trying to work lots of things out and I’m fairly superstitious about these kinds of things anyway. I thought I was done with the Pondering stage, but since I’ve put pen to paper (yes, literally), I think there’s much more I need to know before I can get started. And that’s due to two things…

  1. First person is REALLY DIFFICULT! I honestly don’t know if I can sustain it over a book (or three). I don’t think anything I’ve ever written has been in first person. Well, okay, a few pieces I wrote in a creative writing course at uni were, but, frankly, they suck. So I’ve never successfully managed a first person narrative before. It’s because I don’t do well with the chatty narrator who’s all buddy-buddy with the reader, so I have to keep it fairly impersonal which is hard to do when you’re stuck inside one character’s head. Which brings me to my next problem…
  2. At least two, if not all three, of the characters who will, at some point, be telling this story, are not reliable narrators. Which is EXTRA hard to pull off in first person because that means that your characters are censoring their own thoughts and that means they’re basically aware of the reader in some sense by doing so.

Plus I can’t quite work out who knows what and who’s manipulating who. I was hoping it would just become apparent as I went and, admittedly a few things did, but not enough for me to really get into the flow of things. Also, things are going to get fairly confusing at some point and I have yet to think of a way to keep the plot going but allow the readers to keep things straight.

But enough writerly rambling, I just wanted to get my thoughts out of my head to hopefully make room for new ones. Is anyone intrigued?

I know I am. 😉

One thought on “Writerly…things.

  1. I am entirely intrigued! My whole self is intrigued! And I’m so happy you’re writing. This one sounds like a very challenging undertaking. I’m picturing your walls covered with charts and arrows, you hunched over a table muttering to yourself — and all of it worth it for our reading pleasure!

    I can’t wait!

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