NEW TV: Tuesday

Reaper (8:00pm, The CW)

It’s obviously a Whedon-wannabe. It has dry humor, quick, witty dialogue (or attempted, anyway), and well-meaning losers. Oh, and escaped demons from hell. There are cute things (he captures the first one with a Dirt Devil mini-vac) and there are overly sincere things. It hasn’t really snapped into place yet, but I’m willing to give it a chance.

My rating: I’ll watch it for at least three more episodes.

House (8:00pm, FOX)

  1. House? Awesome.
  2. Wilson? Awesome!
  3. Dr. Buffer? AWESOME!!!
  4. The upcoming six-week reality show-style contest to hire his new staff, even though I’m pretty sure we know that Cameron, Chase, and Foreman will be coming back? AWWWWESOME!

My rating: It’s gonna be AWESOME. I am on board.

Tomorrow on My Blank Page: Back to You and The Bionic Woman.


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