NEW TV: Wednesday

Back to You (7:00pm CST, FOX)

Okay. So this actually premiered last Wednesday, but I hadn’t thought to write about the new TV programming until later, so here you go after two episodes. It stars Kelsey Grammar and Patricia Heaton and Entertainment Weekly raved about it, so it had a lot going for it. After the first episode, I was underwhelmed, to say the least. The characters were cute, but nothing special and there was an annoying backstory involving Chuck and Kelly that I think the show could have done without. At the time, I gave it two more episodes.

After seeing the second episode, I think the characters are starting to settle into place and the writers, now that they no longer have to struggle with filling the audience in on everything, are getting their acts together. I’m still hoping the awkward backstory will just sort of fade away after a few more episodes because there were a few things (mostly Fred Willard) that actually made me laugh out loud. The one drawback is the standard FOX studio audience, full of overzealous laughers. I almost expect them to start going ‘Oooooh’ and hooting and hollering a la the old Married…With Children days. It might just be that all the classy, one-camera comedies on NBC have spoiled me.

My rating: I’m generously extending their trial period to two more episodes (not counting this one) for a total of four instead of just three which means right now they’re running neck and neck with Reaper.

The Bionic Woman (8:00pm CST, NBC)

Does anyone know if this is a remake of something? A TV show from, like, the 70s or a movie of some kind? I know there was a $6,000,000 Man and a Wonder Woman, but I can’t quite remember if there used to b a Bionic Woman. Anyways, I like it. There’s the whole discovering-her-powers aspect, the how-will-this-affect-her-personal-life aspect, and the oh-I-should-use-my-powers-for-good aspect. There’s also an ominous Bionic Woman version 1.0 and, of course, a potentially shady military program (is there any other kind?).

The characters are likable or at least satisfying if they’re not supposed to be likable and the plot looks like it’ll be fun in a primetime superhero drama way.

My rating: It’s no Smallville but I’ll give it a try!

Coming up next on My Blank Page: My Name Is Earl and the eagerly anticipated new Office episodes.

Also, Smallville, but they didn’t give me enough time betwen the release of the Season 6 DVDs and the season premiere, so I’m going to have to wait for the next set of DVDs. Which is okay because Thursday night is NBC’s single camera comedy night and nothing comes between me and my Thursday night comedies.

Not even you, Tom Welling, although it is a close call…