NEW TV: Thursday

My Name Is Earl (7:00pm CST, NBC)

Earl is in prison now. And the show is back on track. After a hit and miss season last year, I’m hoping that the season premiere is setting the tone for the rest of the year. With Earl in jail, I’ve read that the other characters are going to be given more screen time. Not that Earl will be ignored – they managed to strike a good balance between Earl and Joy, Darnell, and Randy.

In summary, I liked it.

My rating: My Thursday night of one-camera comedies remains undefeated.

The Office (8:00pm CST, NBC)

One word. AWESOME!

Michael hits Meredith with his car. All is not well between Dwight and Angela. All is well with Pam and Jim. And Kevin shows his true colors as a Jim/Pam shipper!

This is going to be a great season, I just know it!

My rating: Hell, yes!

And tomorrow night, last but not least, Midnight.


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