NEW TV: Monday (and Tuesday update)

Aliens in America (7:30pm CST, The CW)

I was really looking forward to this show – EW was hyping it as the pick of the season, plus it has Luke in it! From Gilmore Girls! And, while I don’t think I would say it was the best show of the season, I did really like it. It was sweet, but had sort of a sharp Arrested Development kind of vibe to it, I think. Either way, I liked it and even though it complicates my Monday night TV schedule to keep it, I’m going to.

p.s. – There are llamas!

My rating: Failing a sudden personality change (of the show, not me…), this show has earned the Anne stamp of approval.

Reaper (Week 2)

Much better now that they’re not trying to explain everything. It’s sort of like a goofier version of Buffy. Or something.

I like it.


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