NEW TV: Wednesday

Pushing Daisies (7:00 CST, ABC)

I don’t think it would have been possible for me to not at least tune in after being not-so-subtly brainwashed by ads for this show before every single movie I went to see this summer. And, as of right now at least, I’m really glad they did!

It kind of makes me think of an opposite-Tim-Burton film. It has that deliberate, over-dark (or in this case, over-bright) quality to it. And everything is slightly dingy despite all the bright colors. Ned is tres cute (does anyone know what else he’s been in?), Chuck is cute and has a lovely, sweet chemistry with Ned, there’s a gruff, but deep-down soft-hearted “best friend,” and the shortest woman I’ve ever seen on TV (I think it’s Kristen Chenoweth) (either that or the guy who plays Ned is divinely tall).

It’s quirky and charming and deliberate and I like it.

My rating: I am a happy brainwashed drone.

ETA: And it has Jim Dale! He’s the narrator! I was watching it thinking ‘What about this is making me think of Harry Potter?’ and it’s him! 😀