There is not font big enough for this post because…


So. Awesome. And everything was perfect.

Cayt and I managed to get into the city fairly easily and decided to kill the time before the concert at a bookshop (called Unabridged – how cute is that?!). It’s such a great shop – very good selection, especially of bargain/remaindered books. I bought:

  1. Michael Palin’s first volume of his diaries – The Python Years – because I love him.
  2. Then I bought a Sarah Vowell book which was surprising because, although I adore her, when faced with a shelf of her books, I can never seem to remember which ones I already have and which ones I need. But I was sure I hadn’t read this one – Radio On.
  3. Eat, Love, Pray. I’ve just been hearing a lot about it and it’s one that I was always a little curious about when I worked at Borders and saw it around all the time. Plus I had to get it before she makes her appearance on Oprah.
  4. The Lunatic at Large which is described as the Victorian comic novel and I thought ‘There’s nothing about that sentence I don’t like…’

Then we had yummy Thai food at the restaurant next door and then headed off to the Portage Theater for the concert! We managed to find parking immediately across the street from the theater which was amazing! And the concert…


There were two openers, Alaska In Winter, who I particularly liked and ended up buying their (I say ‘their’ but it’s really just one guy although Zach from Beirut sings and plays on his album and so does the girl from A Hawk and a Hacksaw) album, and then Colleen, who I also liked, but whose music I think is less suited to a live performance because it’s fairly dense and requires a lot of work to listen to. And then…


They were so awesome. They sounded amazing! And Zach was so cute and self-deprecating and hot! Man, I wish more guys played ukelele because it is hot. Seriously. So he sings and he plays the flugalhorn and the ukelele AND he speaks French. And he’s all skinny and nerdy and he has this scruffy hair and he’s just so cute! He is absolutely the perfect boy, I think.

But they were all amazing. The violin girl was really good and she was so cute, too – looking all like a normal girl and wearing black socks with her low-top white sneakers – so adorable! And then there was this big, sort of burly guy who was obviously the technical musician brains of the group – he played baritone sax, trumpet, mandolin, ukelele, and the flute! And it was so cute – when they came back out for their encore, Zach started playing the intro on the ukelele and was like ‘Oh, wait, it’s out of tune,’ so he starts tuning it and then it becomes clear that he can tell that it’s not right, but he’s not quite sure what needs to go which way to fix it, so he turns to the big burly guy and he’s, like, gesturing ‘Up a bit, no, too far, down a bit, almost, almost, there.’ So cute!

The crowd was really excited to be there, too, which was really cool – I was so impressed that people would be so enthusiastic about eastern European, klezmer, gypsy, pop music that involved ukeleles and mandolins and french horns and flugalhorns and string bass and trumpets and accordians. AWESOME! And it was a fairly diverse crowd, too – I mean, I have never seen so many pairs of skinny jeans in one room before (and I have to include myself in that number, too), but there were hipsters, and preppies, and guys wearing flannel, and all sorts! Very cool.

So if Beirut ever come to where you are, make sure you go see them! The show was sold out, too, so hopefully they’re getting more famous which they well deserve.

So good!


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