TV update…

I’m sure you’re all fascinated, but I haven’t finished reading and/or knitting anything lately, so TV’s all you get! 😉

My pick for the new TV season?

I absolutely adore it. I’m still not convinced that the premise can support an entire season’s-worth of episodes let alone multiple seasons, but I sure hope it can! It’s just so sweet, but kind of dark (obviously) and the main guy, Lee Pace (at least, I think that’s his name) is so dreamy (and I think he’s tall, too, AND Juilliard educated, so…mega extra points). It is lovely. Plus! Jim Dale! And I think this one will be my Gilmore Girls replacement. There’s just something about the dialogue that reminds me of it a bit. Plus! They talk fast, too. 😉


I was desperate to pare down my TV schedule, especially on Wednesdays to make room for Pushing Daisies, so Bionic Woman has been cut from my lineup. So has Moonlight, but not because it’s bad or anything – I just never got around to watching it and a person can only watch so much TV (I never thought I’d say that, but it turns out it’s true), so something had to go. Back to You is hanging on by a thread. Frankly, I don’t know why I keep going back. So the new final schedule is:

  1.  Sunday – Simpsons
  2. Monday – Chuck, Heroes, Aliens in America
  3. Tuesday – Reaper, House
  4. Wednesday – Pushing Daisies, Back to You (for now)
  5. Thursday – Earl, 30 Rock, Office, and Scrubs



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