The baby knitting…

…she is finished!

First up is the sweater. It’s the Tomten sweater pattern from Elizabeth Zimmerman – I think everyone who knits makes this at some point and it really was very easy. It’s a good thing, though, that I had read a few accounts of other people who had made it and said ‘Just do what the instructions tell you to do, don’t try to figure out what you’re doing.’ because it was not until it all came together that it finally looked like a sweater. But it turned out pretty cute, I think. Again, I have no idea if the size is right for any sized child, but I’m hoping that it will fit the baby at some point… It was supposed to be all green, but I ended up not having enough, hence the stripey arms and hood.

And, of course, there is also a bunny. These are so easy to knit, but I always end up putting off finishing them because doing so requires the two things that I hate the most: embroidering on knitting and making pom-poms. Hate! The embroidery because it is hard, the pom-poms because it’s boring but takes a long time. I think this one’s face is not as cute as the one I made for Owen, but hopefully the baby won’t notice that her eyes are kind of lopsidey…and her chin is in the wrong place…

So that’s all the baby shower knitting (minus the blanket which was just ugly and not nice at all…nor was it finished) done! I just have to package it all up tomorrow and I’m all set for the shower on Thursday – yay!


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