Elizabeth: The Golden Age


Okay, well, I think I have to say that I was a little disappointed. A little. And not in any of the actors – they were all really good. Especially Cate Blanchett who is fantastic in anything! Really, she’s always great, but she’s just completely awesome when she’s Elizabeth. Geoffrey Rush was great, Clive Owen was looking great, Samantha Morton was great, really everyone was great. And there were a few times when I got all choked up just because everything was so pretty – and because the fimmakers were obviously manipulating the audience’s emotions, but that’s what they’re supposed to do right? – like when she’s in her nightdress on the cliff at the end looking over the burning armada and her speech in front of the troops when she’s all done up in her armor (even though Henry V’s was better) and when she’s in her big Elizabeth dress standing over the floor-map of the British Empire.

But. I think the screenwriters must have been sleepwalking through this. Also, there were some weird shot choices and sometimes I think the director was just like ‘yeah, and let’s add a guy getting his tongue cut out, that’ll be good. And then when we’re showing the battle, we’ll just show real tight close-ups of people we’ve never met before but are missing legs and stuff, it’ll be cool.’ I don’t know. I mean, fair enough, battles aren’t pretty, but it just seemed an odd way to try and make that come across.

The costumes are amazing, of course. Especially Elizabeth’s dresses. It would be fun to play dress-up with some of those outfits, but I imagine the fun would wear off pretty quickly once I realised how heavy and cumbersome they are. Still…

My rating: B

Basically, I would say, if you liked the first one, go see it. If you like Cate Blanchett, definitely go see it. If you’re wanting to learn about history, do NOT go see it.

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