I am procrastinating.

What am I procrastinating? you might say. I am procrastinating writing. Because instead of actually writing, I’m writing blog entries about how I’m not writing but how I’m thinking about writing and showing you my notebook (from afar because I’m still working through very basic stuff – a recurring theme on those Post-Its is ‘WHAT IS GOING ON?!’ Which is not really a good thing for the writer to be thinking. Really. Somewhat ironically, the other theme is ‘No talking to the reader!’ Maybe I need to convince them to relax that rule just until I’ve figured out what’s going on…).

Yes, I use both sides – it’s not like Post-Its grow on…oh. Wait. No, I guess they do. Never mind – it’s just a writerly eccentricity, then.

More Post-It notes, along with things scribbled in the margins at 3am which no longer make sense. I’m sure if only I could decipher some of them, this book would practically write itself, but until then…

So here’s the basic, basic outline of a summary of a vague idea that’s been tramping about in my head and on those Post-Its lately (with no specifics, mostly because I don’t know them, but also because if I ever do get it out of my head, onto paper, and you lot want to read it, I don’t want you to already know what’s going to happen – where would the fun in that be?):

  • A can do X
  • B can do Y
  • C can do Z
  • A knows B and C and what they can do
  • B knows what C can do (but do they know each other? At first they did, but now I don’t think they do)
  • C knows A and what A can do
  • Some combination of A, B, and C know what’s going on
  • I know what A, B, and C can do, but I do not know what’s going on
  • There may or may not also be other letters involved

So…yeah. There you go. An insight into my psyche, no doubt, but hopefully it’s a little interesting.

Janis, you need a blog. Seriously, because you’re one of my writer friends and I’ll bet you have lots of interesting things to say about how you write. At first I was going to say that I bet it’s entirely different since you write non-fiction, but now I think it probably isn’t. I mean, you still have to come up with connections and relationships between your subject and their family and friends and then you have to decide how you’re going to tell their story or even which story of theirs to tell!


Janis or Cayt or any of you out there who might write but I don’t know about it (or know you, for that matter), how do you write? What’s your process? Literally, how do you write? Post-It notes, charts, outlines, typewriter, computer, by hand, or some other way I haven’t thought of?