Are you all watching Pushing Daisies?

I certainly hope so because it is AWESOME! I love everything about it, but especially:

  1. I love that Ned is tall.
  2. I love that Ned’s name is Ned!
  3. I love that he wears the same shoes as me (and the Edge!).
  4. I love that he walks around with his hands behind his back.
  5. I love the brightly colored dresses with pockets and crinolines that Chuck wears.
  6. I love her hats and sunglasses, too.
  7. I love that Kristen Chenoweth is absurdly tiny.
  8. I love that Emerson Cod knits!
  9. I love that Ned makes pies for a living.
  10. I love that they talk fast (a la Gilmore Girls).
  11. I love that Ned and Chuck have to kiss through plastic wrap!
  12. I love that Emerson Cod’s car is seafoam green with white-wall tires.
  13. I love, love, love that Jim Dale is the narrator – it’s like a weekly dose of Harry Potter.

So if you are not watching Pushing Daisies, you seriously should be!

No, seriously.

p.s. – Back to You is off my roster.