Ramshaw Real Estate is a SLUMLORD!

Okay, Ramshaw. Here is a list of the things I have forgiven:

  1. The stove that leaked gas.
  2. The lightbulbs that I’m sure you just rotate from one stairwell to another so that there are always a total of five that work distributed between the two of them.
  3. The scaffolding that was outside my windows for two and a half weeks and resulted in negative progress.
  4. The radiators that broke in April when it was still snowing that you just started fixing now. (‘Uh, you know, maybe if we don’t fix them, it just won’t get cold.’ Brilliant thinking there, Ramshaw.)
  5. The water being off for five hours at a time.

But this is the last straw. THERE IS NOT HOT WATER! I saw a man skulking around outside this afternoon with a plunger, so I know you were up to something (probably yet another inept attempt to fix the radiators), but whatever it was resulted in NO HOT WATER. In my shower – oddly enough, there is hot water in the kitchen.

YOU ARE NOTHING BUT A GLORIFIED SLUMLORD, RAMSHAW! And if you did not require us to re-sign our leases a YEAR in advance, I would move out of here!

Well, that and my apartment is pretty damn cute. BUT I AM SO MUCH WITH THE FURIOUS RIGHT NOW THAT IT IS BLINDING ME TO ITS CHARMS!

ETA: Okay, still no hot water this morning (not even in the kitchen), so I called the emergency maintenance number, despite not being sure if it qualified as an ’emergency’ (I mean, I’m not going to die from not having a shower, am I?) and the woman who answered was very nice (I wish she was the normal receptionist) and said that she thought it qualified and would call the maintenance team. Now, whether they actually come AND manage to fix it? We’ll see. If they do, however, they will be off my bad list. If not, well, I’ll just have to shower at work on Monday morning…

Perhaps watching some Entourage before it’s time for my B.A.C.H. rehearsal will soothe me. 😉