Guards! Guards! by Terry Pratchett

Well, I finally finished this book. I have no idea why it took me so long to finish it, I certainly didn’t not like it. I think perhaps trying to read three in a row are what made it feel a bit tiresome despite being every bit as clever as the other two I’ve read. So.

Guards! Guards! continues in the charming and clever vein established by the first two (that I’ve read – I’m reading these nowhere near in order). The characters are likable despite their faults – I especially liked The Patrician. The Night Watch are adorably inept and well-meaning. Errol is just darling!So still very enjoyable, but I think I’ll put Pratchett aside and try something a little different. Just a little.

My rating: B

Lazarus rises! Again!

So the lemon plant is wintering at my parents’ house where it can sit in the pool room and enjoy the humidity and get some sun and not be harassed by cats.


While we were out de-bugging it this afternoon, I took a look at Lazarus (who I’d completely given up on) and look what was hiding in the corner!

So now it is a race to see who will triumph: Lazarus (and, by extension, me), the squirrel, or Mother Nature. I bought him a nice little stake that will hopefully help his posture a bit, but which may end up making him more obvious to the squirrel.